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The Peoples Chronicle

World Heritage Day, April 18

Shilpa Raina

History and culture are intertwined and a better way to celebrate the rich heritage of India is by sharing this through stories. India is no stranger to the ancient tradition of oral storytelling, and a few are determined to take this craft forward by incorporating it into walking trails focussing on providing wholesome experience by engaging audiences and incorporating local stories.

The Indian capital has been at the centrestage of the burgeoning industry of heritage and food walks that have mushroomed across every corner of our country - promising a date with the history. They have plenty to offer from food and heritage walks to old Delhi bazaar and haveli walks. But the run-of-the-mill presentation style has brought in monotony, leaving limited scope for improvement. This was the challenge Yuveka Singh faced when she started her storytelling organisation - Darwesh - in April, 2013. Initially she started with regular walks and slowly from her experience felt the need to push boundaries and included performances during the walks where the actors narrated historical events through dance and theatre.

"Storytelling has always remained the crux of our walks. But it was during one of our walks we realised why not bring these dead characters to life through performances and transport the audience to those times," Yuveka Singh told IANS. "Since then, it became extremely important for us to use the open space creatively and put them together in a picture. So we are always looking at a better way to narrate a story and pick up different lenses to look at Delhi," she said, adding that they creatively use open ruins or spaces to narrate a tale through performances.

The Delhi-based group has offered a performative storytelling on the life of Razia Sultan and walked through the ruins of old Delhi to retell the stories of begums and nautch girls. The stories need not only come from history. A sight or a building too has a story to share as it stands witness to the glorious past. So are local customs and traditions that have a deep-rooted relationship with the days of yore.

It is these stories Chennai-based organisation Storytrails offers to those who want to explore beyond the checklist and travel itinerary and are willing to soak into the unique character of a city.

"We leave ourselves very little time to soak in the elements that give every place its unique character - the customs, mores and the ways of their lives. But then again, even if you wanted to, where do you look for such intangibles? You will find them in stories - stories that exist behind ordinary, everyday sights," Storytrails founder Vijay Prabhat Kamalakara told IANS in an e-mail interview from Chennai. The IIM-Indore alumnus founded Storytrails in 2007 out of the idea that travel destinations ought to be experienced and not just seen.

Its trails - in Chennai and Madurai - are walking tours, but are not designed to be those of any particular neighbourhood. Instead, each trail revolves around a different theme and takes through places and experiences that are relevant to the theme. However, "telling a story interestingly" is the focal point of all the walks. Based on this, Storytrails has curated walks like Jewellery Trail, Bazaar Trail, Spice Trail, British Blueprints and Once upon a Madurai, among several others. The string that ties both these organisations is their passion for research and getting the facts right - as these are the main ingredients for building a credible image.

Along with this, Storytrails ropes in local performers, shopkeepers, dancers and arrange visits to traditional havelis, buildings and homes to give the participants a peek into history by staying in the present.

"We are not just storytellers, we are facilitators who have the duty to tell our group how this building was historically relevant and how its inhabitants feel about the place," Yuveka Singh said, adding that during one of the trails she introduced the group to the lost-tribe of "behrupias" (imposters) and how they shared the journey of their life. "In the normal course of life, we don't bother about these aspects, but this is what we are doing - helping others to share a story," she added. Similarly, Sandiya of the Storytrails team said the emphasis during the walks is to focus on what goes beyond the obvious.

And a perfect example of this is the Jewellery Trail, where the group is not introduced to the "obvious" world of yellow-metal, but the stories behind gems and traditions related to jewellery are explored.

"We tell them how, by looking at a woman, you can tell a lot about her personality. So we introduce jewellery as a language to identify people," Sandiya told IANS over the phone from Chennai.

It is these languages they are experimenting with to create a new vocabulary for travel and history enthusiasts. Indians and foreigners alike are warming up to these concepts and learning about history through engaging narratives.

(Shilpa Raina can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Saturday, 18 April 2015 00:00

Ingredients of Help

Bineeta Pebam

We keep on worrying about the skin problems that comes up from time to time. And each person on earth has his/her own skin issues. The treatment of such issues varies from a person to another and it throws us to a dilemma. The sole antidote to this dilemma is to understand our own skin and to follow a skin care regimen that helps in keeping our skin healthy and clean. We all know that the last resort to severely damaged skin is to consult a dermatologist. However, we can still do a lot so that we do not face such an issue that will make us run after one.

The most vital step you should take up is to cleanse your face every day. Concentrate on cleansing your pores rather than just removing the dirt or the makeup. Switch your cleanser as the weather changes if you have dry skin. But do not stop cleansing. Maintain the PH balance of your skin; do not over dry it. We have a series of home face packs that can help you revitalize your skin.

Peppermint toner

Peppermint is one of the most easily available herbs. Among the various useful properties of this tangy green herb, its toning potential is worth noting. Pick fresh peppermint, wash it well and drain the water. Keep it aside in a bowl. Take a cup (tea cup) of water and boil it. Pour the boiling water over the peppermint in the bowl. Let it cool down naturally. When it is perfectly cooled, strain the water out. Use this water to tone your skin.

Oat Meal Aloe Vera scrub

You may not need an introduction of the usefulness of aloe vera when it comes to skin care. It smoothens and tightens the skin if gel from the freshly cut leave is applied on the skin. It also has other properties that help in treating acne, pimples, sun tan and various other skin infections. You can use it as a scrub if you add oat meal to it. Take 2-3 spoons of oat meal and add it to a good amount of aloe  vera gel. Mix it thoroughly; it should not be too thin or too thick. Manage the consistency by adding the gel or the oat meal. Massage gently all over your face in a circular movement as usual clockwise and anti-clockwise for 5 minutes. Do not rub it too hard. Leave it on for around another 5 minutes. Rinse it off well with plain water and apply a moisturiser instantly. However, you should not use this scrub on acne vulgar and pimples affected skin.

Apple Honey Pack

This is perfect for those who have oily skin. And if you have black heads and white heads this is going to be the best helping hand in clearing it out. Cleanse well your face prior to the application of this facial mask. Crush a matured apple i.e. seeded. Mix well 2-3 tablespoon of honey to it. Apply this pack on your face. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse it off. 

Banana Honey Lemon Pack

Eating banana is healthy and what if we consume honey on top! It boosts your immunes system. While we are on a healthy diet which comprises of such good components we can concentrate little on what it can do in rejuvenating our skin. This face pack is ideal for removing sun tan and excess oil. Take one banana and mash it finely. Add one tablespoon of honey and mix well. Finally add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Blend it thoroughly and apply all over your face and neck. Leave it for around 20 to 25 minutes. Rinse it with plain water. Use a hot towel to remove the pack gently. This will help enhance the result of the pack.

Fruit masks

We are aware about the toxin removing properties of most of the fruits. There are several fruits that can be use as a facial pack and they really give you a pleasing result. Among variety if such fruits the best are mangoes, oranges, lemon, tomato and grapes. The preparation of the face mask from fruits is quite easy and less time consuming. Besides they do not have any side effects as well.

Take each fruit separately as per your need. Mash the fruit (of your choice) and apply on cleansed face and leave it until it is dry. Wash it with lukewarm water or plain cold water. However, you need to be bit cautious while opting for the lemon pack. If you are applying the plain lemon juice, be sure to wash it off as soon as it gets dry. Do not expose your skin to the sun when you are using this pack. Or forgetting rinsing it off will result to chemical burns to your skin which can cause temporary burn to your skin. If other component like gram flour or beshan is mixed with lemon juice while preparing the pack, you can keep it for longer time. All these fruits help in removing the excess greasiness from your skin and tone it out. It helps in unclogging the pores and in removing the impurities as well.

Egg White or Egg Yolk Pack

Take an egg and decide whether your skin needs the egg white or the egg yolk as a face pack. Egg white is for dry skin and egg yolk is for oily skin. If you have dry skin which is prone to wrinkles, fine lines and freckles then apply the white all over your face. Leave it till it is all tightened and dry. Wash it off using plain cold water. It immediately tightens your skin and reduces the fine lines. If you have puffed under eye, it also tightens the same. On the contrary if you want to want excess oil ad control the greasy look then apply the mashed egg yolk. It also tightens the skin while removing the excess oil. Concentrate on excessively oily areas while applying. You can use this pack on your T-Zone specially. Let it dry and remain it on your skin for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Wash it off with plain water.

Saturday, 18 April 2015 00:00


Maibam Kenedy Singh

Around ten years back merchant navy was not a very common and popular profession. Many were not aware of this profession and they considered merchant navy and Indian navy as same profession. But today the sweet flavour of this unique profession has spread to every nook and corner of the world. It has become a very popular and well preferred profession among the youth especially young boys. The young boys are attracted towards this profession by its smart uniform and high salary. But majority are not aware of the reason behind the high salary and the tough duties behind the smart uniform. None except the seafarers could understand the pain and tough duties one has to go through on the board to get that high salary.

Merchant navy is a very interesting as well as a very challenging profession. People hardly get opportunities to roam around the world. But this adventurous profession provides us the opportunity to roam around the world, visit different new countries and mingle with people of different caste, creed and colour. On the other hand a seafarer ever bears the pain of being away from the loved ones, friends and family. Leaving their fate at the mercy of nature they fearlessly perform their duties on the board. The enchanting seas, sometimes with terrible storm, wild waves and the heavy rain sweeping across the sea, have become their friends.

According to a magazine by industry expertise 90% of all goods in the world is transported from one place to another through sea. A ship costs 5-100 dollars approximately. And it is believed that there are around 50,500 ships in the world. Around 35,000 officers and 1l0,000 crew from India are working in merchant navy. But overall required number of merchant navy in the world is 466,000 officers and 721,000crew. Vacancies of around 10,000 officers were there in the beginning of previous year. India enjoys 5% of officers and crew of overall merchant navy in the world.

There are different merchant ships like oil tanker, ro -ro (car career), cargo, gas, passenger, container, chemical ship etc. Three departments are there in the ship as deck, engine and catering. Candidates who love navigation choose deck, engineering choose engine and cooking choose catering department. Our duty in the ship is transportation of goods from one place to another. These goods include iron scrap, iron ore, iron goods, oil, gas, chemical, fish, car, bus etc. Duties are allotted according to the ranks and the departments. Our duty starts the moment we enter the ship and continues till the end of the contract. We can't stop our duty either the temperature in the sea rises to 45degree Celsius or decreases to minus 10 degree Celsius or the ship rolls or pitches horribly or the terrible storm or wild waves attack the ship or the heavy rain sweeps across the sea. Little negligence in our duty may threaten the lives of all on the board. In any situation a seafarer has to keep on performing his duty courageously. Sometimes it becomes hard for one to bear the pain he goes through in performing his duty. It becomes harder for him when the chief engineer or the captain rejects his resignation letter. In such situation some candidates even commit suicide as they find it hard to face the pain. So those who love to enroll themselves in this profession must know and understand that merchant navy is a very challenging profession.

To undergo training without proper inquiry about the profession as well as about the training academy may lead one to desperation in future. So it is a must for candidates to undergo training with detail information about the training academy. Number of training academies, approved by the director general of shipping, government of India, exists in different cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. Educational qualifications of different merchant navy trainings are either one should pass class X with minimum 40%marks in aggregate or intermediate/10+2/equivalent examination with 50%/55%with physics, chemistry, mathematics or any graduate. Candidates should be young boys or girls who are under 17half to 25 years old. But so far no lady candidate from Manipur has turned up.  Merchant navy training is scheduled either for six months or one year or two years or three years or four years respectively. Six months training is called GP Rating which means GENERAL PURPOSE RATING. This training covers both deck and engine department. Then there are other trainings like CADET, HND, BNS, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DIPLOMA+2 YEARS MARINE ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEGREE + ONE YEAR MARINE ENGINEERING and FOUR YEARS MARINE ENGINEERING, NAVAL ARCHITECTURE+MARINE ENGINEERING etc. Candidates who undergo merchant navy training after clearing Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test (IMU-CET) would get better opportunities.  On conclusion of the training every academy will issue merchant navy identity book to every candidate. This identity book is termed as CDC which means continuous discharge certificate.

Being a citizen of India it is mandatory for every candidate to have CDC provided by the government of India. So it is also mandatory for us to inquire if our training academy is approved by the director general of shipping or our CDC is issued by the government of India. In some training academy, training is done in both India and UK - one year in India and another year in UK. Such training academies are genuine but as the training is conducted in both countries sometimes merchant navy book issued by these academies are approved by the government of UK. And it is very tough for us to get a job with a foreign CDC. It is hope for every candidate that they would hold a suitable post after the training. As a huge amount of money is required for the training, sometimes some amount of money may or may not be required in applying for a job. To get a reliable job is not a problem for sponsored candidates. Doors to better opportunities are widely opened for them. In addition it is not a headache for those candidates who get offers on campus interviews before the completion of the course. And for some candidates luck favours them if they are given reference by a captain, chief engineer or an official of high rank. Rest of the candidates must apply for job to different companies by themselves or they can seek help from seafarers union by enrolling themselves in the union. Else one must seek help from the agents.

Merchant companies are categorised as low level company, average company or high level company. The other way merchant companies are also categorised as companies with RPSL (RECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENT SERVICES LICENCE) and companies without RPSL. We are not allowed to appear promotion examinations with experience from a company that doesn't have this license. We don't need to worry for whole of our life once we get an opportunity in an ITF (INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT WORKERS FEDERATION) company which means a top level company. But to get an opportunity in such company is not an easy thing. Experience is required to make ourselves qualified to enroll in such company and so earning experience from a low level company with RPSL is necessary. In addition to experience our CDC is also checked while checking our bio data for an interview.

Meanwhile there are many fake agents amidst the noble agents who are earning for themselves by helping the candidates in getting a reliable post for themselves. Such fake agents are taking advantage over the candidates who are in an utmost eagerness to hold a post. They are trapping such candidates. Sometimes these fake agents demand a huge amount of money from the candidates. Sometimes they send the candidates to the airport with a fake ticket. Sometimes they send the candidates to a foreign country with great hope of signing in to the ship. But beyond their trust these agents leave the candidates in despair. They are sent back home after a few days stay in a foreign hotel. Sometimes these agents send candidates to a still ship that doesn't work, whose scraps are loosened. In such ship salary ever remains a dream; it is even difficult for one to fight for food. Some even sell their agricultural land or valuable assets to enroll themselves in merchant navy. And if the academy where such persons are trained is not approved by the government of India, then they may try to get a job by hook or crook. And again" if they meet such fake agents they will be the scrap goats in their hands. We need to be careful so that we do not fall prey to these unscrupulous persons posing as recruiting agents. In addition to the problems mentioned above, some candidates leave merchant navy as they find it difficult to perform the tough duties on the board. To save their own self respect they spread rumours and utter nonsense about the industry.

Analysing the situations mentioned above I feel it is best for one to inquire about this profession and the training institution before enrolling themselves. I am deeply sympathetic  towards those candidates who are disappointed with their fate and I don't want others who  aspire to be a merchant navy to face the same problem in future. So I feel like sharing my  knowledge about the profession and experiences in my career as a merchant navy so that merchant navy lovers would be aware of the situations mentioned above. I am sharing my knowledge and experience about my profession with a great hope that many captains and chief engineers would turn up to spread the name and fame of our motherland to every nook and  corner of the world.

The writer can be reached to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and

Saturday, 18 April 2015 00:00

When police sided with blue murder screamer

IT HAS all the elements of a potboiler — love, marriage, quarrel, cheating, ‘murder’ and raw action. The scheming mother and daughter duo managed to push the locals to ostracize a man’s family from the area, dismantled the family house and cremate an unidentified body right at the end of the porch of the dismantled house against all Hindu social and customary norms. And the incident did not happen in the Hindu heartland or elsewhere where vicious crimes against women were often reported but right here in the state, where women were held in high regard. Months after her marriage to Laishram Chaoba in 2011, Konthoujam Naobi Deviran away from her husband’s home at Tentha in Thoubal district. Chaoba, who had to work in a far off district to make both ends meet, was a distraught man when he found his wife missing. He immediately informed Thoubal police and put up advertisements in the local media to find the whereabouts of his missing wife. Naobi’s mother Kunjarani, despite knowing that her daughter is safe and sound, displayed false emotion saying Chaoba had murdered Naobito the extent of inflaming people of the locality, which is the same as that of Chaoba, and to actin most reprehensible ways. As luck would have it, the body of an unidentified woman was found floating in Ithai barrage in September 2011. Kunjarani insisted that the body belonged to her daughter despite Chaoba’s ardent request that Naobi wasn’t as tall and the body didn’t in any way resembled his wife. The mob that gathered held a kangaroo court and passed its dreadful verdict. Today, four years after the incident, Kunjarani, Naobi and her new husband were caught by police and the scheming mother-daughter duo was exposed. Their blabbering to police to defend themselves would not stand the test of any educated scrutiny.Chaoba and his parents have lost everything to the duo’s unspeakable devilish act and had even stayed behind bars for five long months.

The trial of Chaoba who is facing murder charges of his wife will definitely turn in his favour nowand the loss of property can be compensated. However, the loss of face and precious time in jail can never be repaid to him and his family in full. This incident should be a big moral lesson for the people of Manipur, where prevalence of mob justice is quite high. It has also brought to the fore that treacherous and scheming women can target innocent men and none would raise a suspicious eye until they are proven guilty. When this male-dominated society is striving hard to provide equal status for women, some of them take unfair advantage of the situation to execute their nefarious plans. Riding on homespun and collective wave, policemen also took side of the alleged victims and longing for a pat on their backs forgot their official duties and responsibilities, at times totally neglecting the fact that they have look at a crime with a skeptic and investigative eye. The Tentha case is a brazen example of police’s dereliction of duty and neglect. In the first place when an unidentified body of a woman is found, their first duty is to establish the identity of the deceased through scientific means and not through hearsay. Sadly, they neglected their duty of insisting on a post-mortem report and went by what Kunjarani said, despite Chaoba’s contradictions. The second is to find out how the woman died, establish the motive behind the crime and finally arrest the culprit involved, if any. In such procedural lapses, the police have two gross misdoings on their hands. One, a woman was murdered and they missed the crime totally let alone conduct an investigation. Second, an innocent man and his parents were wrongly charged and put behind bars. With the police’s wrong charge-sheet against Chaoba, the court was also misguided. The government now should step in and provide a respectable amount as compensation for the immense suffering Chaoba and his parents endured over a period of four years and also for the loss of property, face, time and misdeeds of police. Moreover, the government should also move court for deterrent action in the form of stringent punishment against Kunjarani and her daughter.

Saturday, 18 April 2015 00:00

Parties gear up for ADC polls

IMPHAL: Ahead of the autonomous district council (ADC) elections, leaders of Congress, BJP and MPP political organisations were unanimous in stating they would get mandate of majority in case the said polls are conducted in a free and fair manner.

Interacting with newspersons on the sidelines of a function held Friday at GM Hall, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president and deputy chief minister Gaikhangam claimed that the BJP is unlikely to pose any serious threat to fate of Congress candidates in the ADC elections.

Dismissing speculations that the BJP might ruin chances of Congress in the political hustings for the hill districts, he asserted that regardless of BJP heading the coalition government at the centre influence of the central government or national leaders of the saffron party would be negligible during the ADC polls.

Even though MPCC is planning to field candidates in all the 144 ADC seats, taking into account threat perception in certain pockets of the hill areas the Congress party might decide on supporting independent candidates in some ADC constituencies, revealed the deputy CM while confiding that a meeting of MPCC ticket committee will be convened on Saturday evening to scrutinise profiles of party candidates. Expressing confidence that Congress will get absolute majority in case the polls are conducted in a free and fair manner, he also asserted that the Congress has no inhibition in contesting any election if armed outfits do not interfere.

Without taking names, Gaikhangam said possibility of certain opposition political organisations persisting with separate agenda and policies for the hills and valley like in previous elections cannot be ruled out for the ADC polls too.

On the otherhand, MPP president N Sovakiran demanded that designated camps of armed organisations existent in the hill areas should be shut down to ensure peaceful and impartial conduct of the ADC elections.

Even though the government may not concede that designated camps exist the people are fully aware about such facilities in the hills, observed the MPP chief who also reiterated that ensuring free and fair polls in the hills will rest on closing down camps of armed outfits, whether or they have entered into peace treaties with the government.

Meanwhile, BJP Manipur Pradesh general secretary M Ashwinikumar conveying that the party will contest in all the ADC seats said party candidates will certainly taste success in case free and fair conduct of the democratic exercise could be ensured.

Informing that 300 persons have applied for BJP tickets to contest the said polls, he said process is underway to shortlist the candidates.

Party’s national president Amit Shah will also arrive here on Saturday to chalk up poll strategies and interact with cross section of the society, he added.

Referring to chief minister O Ibobi’s assertion that all those found guilty of violating project regulations would be punished, MPP president N Sovakiran said the CM should take relevant measures to pull up erring officials of minor irrigation department instead of repetitive assurances to dilute the issue.

Ibobi blending his comments with political tone during the birth anniversary celebration of Dr BR Ambedkar amounts to undermining stature and principle of the Constitution, Sovakiran said.

Reacting to the chief minister’s remarks during the anniversary function, while addressing newspersons at MPP Office on Friday, Sovakiran contended that inspite of Dr BR Ambedkar’s role in drafting the Constitution and holding the office of law minister during the prime ministership of Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr Ambedkar was sidelined by the Congress party till his death in 1956.

Since conferment of Bharat Ratna by the then VP Singh government in 1990 in honour of Dr Ambedkar's contribution in the epochal drafting of the Constitution, the Congress had been trying to capitalise on popularity of Dr Ambedkar to tranform his reputation into political mileage, claimed the MPP president who described the CM’s speech as untimely and unjustifiable.

On the CM’s disclosure that CBI has declined to handle the probe into the finding of human skulls and skeletons from the erstwhile Tombisana High School complex, S       ovakiran observed that CBI rejecting the state government’s proposal is on the expected line as the premier investigation agency is well aware that it would be an arduous task to unravel the truth for vital evidences have already been destroyed.

The final judgment on the land dispute case involving Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Kombirei Housing Complex conducted under the divisional bench of Manipur high court chief justice LK Mohapatra and Justice Kh Nobin, was announced on April 16.

Accordingly, the state government has been directed to consider recommendation of the Committee, which was formed by the State Assembly. The Assembly had concluded that the land was allotted to the 95 individuals illegally and  the same should be in the name of RRL.

The judgment further informed that the land that has been allotted to the appellant was done against the law of the land and hence such allotment is not legally acceptable. Moreover, since the allotment is not acceptable by law, the court cannot alter the present allotment. However, the court directed the state government to look into the recommendations made by the Committee and review the allotment order.

The court has also given the state government the liberty to discuss the matter of allotment of land to Kombirei Cooperative Society and decide on its own whether or not the allotment should be cancelled and take up further course of action.

It may be mentioned that CSIR was established in Imphal in 1973 under Regional Research Laboratory (RRL) with the main objective to carry out research work on medicinal plants and certain other plants from which transport fuel could be produced.

The 30 acres of land was provided to CSIR (RRL) for the establishment of the Regional Research Laboratory (RRL) in 1973. In 1995, when present BJP Manipur Pradesh president Th Chaoba was the revenue Minister, the revenue secretary had sent a notice to RRL informing that the allotment would be annulled for only 5 acres of land is being utilised by RRL out of the total allotment of 30 acres thereby breaking all existing rules and regulations on land allotment.

Saturday, 18 April 2015 00:00

'Dignity of labour missing in Manipur'

Strongly advocating the need for having work culture and discipline, deputy chief minister Gaikhangam said a society which lacks dignity of labour would never attain the goal of development but would instead be mired in chaos and confusions.

Speaking on the 16th foundation day of All Manipur Rickshaw Drivers and Pullers Association (AMRDPA) held at GM Hall on Friday, the deputy chief minister said the country as a whole still lacks dignity of labour and the same is the case for Manipur.

While exhorting rickshaw pullers to carry on with their public service with courage and dignity, the deputy chief minister said a person can live an honourable life if he/she believes in dignity of labour and strives to become a good citizen. Advising rickshaw pullers to keep faith on leading honourable life after retirement, Gaikhangam said  despite physical strain rickshaw pulling is a profession dedicated to serving the people, who encounter immense hardship when rickshaw pullers cease service.

Expressing regret that Manipuri society has become notorious for failing to maintain time efficiently, he said almost all public functions in the state fail to start on time. "This is very unfortunate for the Manipuri society which has its own class," he said, adding that people of the state and its society would be uncomparable when dignity of labour and discipline are strictly maintained.

The foundation day function was also attended by AMRDPA president Th Basanta, United Committee Manipur president Y Nabachandra, PANDAM president Y Dilipkumar, UPF president B Yaima Shah and Dr Ch Manoranjan, internal security of the MHA.

In case no disturbance is caused to ongoing road development activities, the Old Cachar Road (Tongjei Maril) would be completed by June 2016, said works minister Dr Kh Ratankumar during an inspection tour of the Bishnupur-Khoupum route Friday.

Speaking to newspersons on the sidelines of assessing progress of the road construction work, the works minister pointed out that almost 60 percent of the project is complete with the remaining portion expected to be over by mid-2016 if there are no hindrances.

Saturday, 18 April 2015 00:00

Indefinite Chandel district bandh begins

Terming demise of rifleman Wanoireng Aimol of 1st Manipur Rifles, posted as house guard at the residence of former DGP Y Joykumar, as suspicious and demanding probe, a JAC formed in connection with the incident has imposed indefinite Chandel district bandh from midnight of April 17. According to Ranjita, wife of the deceased, her husband had problem or issue with his family when he left home for duty. Wanoireng returned to duty on April 16 after attending his younger brother’s wedding. When family members went to the place of duty on receiving information, he was found dead in a suspicious manner, she claimed.

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